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Maximizing Your Personal Injury Claim with Idaho's Legal Provisions: The Role of Idaho Code 12-120(4)

Posted by Ryan Black | Nov 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

When you're faced with the repercussions of an accident, the road to recovery should not be walked alone. Your priority is healing, and here at Attorneys of Idaho, ensuring your peace of mind through legal expertise is ours. Have you considered how Idaho Code 12-120(4) might impact your personal injury claim? Reach out to us to discuss your case and the strategic advantages this statute can offer. 

Understanding the Value of Your Claim

The journey to a fair resolution begins with an assessment of your claim's value, a process that unfolds alongside your medical recovery. Knowing the extent of your injuries and treatment is vital in determining how much compensation you deserve. In certain instances, setting a cap on your claimed damages, specifically at $35,000.00, could be advantageous. This is where Idaho Code 12-120(4) plays a pivotal role.

How Idaho Code 12-120(4) Comes into Play

Employing this statute in your strategy can accelerate the negotiation process with the insurance company. Idaho Code 12-120(4) imposes a 60-day response period on insurers, during which time you have the leverage to negotiate. If an agreement isn't reached and you file a lawsuit, any pre-trial settlement offer from the insurance company becomes 'locked in.' 

Post-trial, if the jury's verdict is more favorable than the insurance company's locked-in offer—specifically, if the offer is less than 90% of the net verdict—the insurance company may be required to pay not just the shortfall, but your attorney's fees and other legal costs as well.

Why Professional Guidance Is Crucial

However, the strategic use of Idaho Code 12-120(4) depends on multiple factors unique to each case. Calculated decision-making with an experienced attorney can mean the difference between an adequate settlement and the full compensation you're entitled to. 

Our team at Attorneys of Idaho has the depth of knowledge and experience to navigate these nuances on your behalf. We understand that every detail counts and are dedicated to ensuring that your rights are fully protected under the law.

Your Next Steps

As you focus on your health, allow us to handle the complexities of your claim. Contact Attorneys of Idaho today to explore the benefits of Idaho Code 12-120(4) in your personal injury case. This statute could be a powerful tool in your legal strategy, and we are prepared to leverage it to your advantage.

As we close, remember that the specifics of your individual situation can greatly influence the outcome of your claim. With Attorneys of Idaho by your side, you won't have to interpret these laws on your own. Reach out to us for a consultation, and let's discuss how Idaho Code 12-120(4) can serve your best interests and contribute to the successful resolution of your case.

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