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Have You Been Convicted? You Might Need an Appellate Attorney

If you've already been convicted of a crime, or are the family of someone who has been convicted, you might have an opportunity to challenge that conviction via what is called a direct appeal. A direct appeal is an appeal arguing that your conviction (i.e. your judgment of “guilty”) should be overturned and set aside. Depending on the basis for your appeal, you might argue that you are entitled to a new trial, or even that the appellate court should find that you are “not guilty” and cannot be subjected to any further criminal proceeding.

The first thing to know if you have been convicted, and you want to file an appeal: the clock is ticking. Strict timelines govern the appellate process, and if you (or your attorney) miss the applicable deadlines, you could lose one of your last opportunities to fight for your innocence.

If you have been convicted, or are working on behalf of a family member or loved one who has, time is of the essence. Call to set up a free consultation with Attorneys of Idaho today.

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