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Felony DUI in Boise

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Our Attorneys Will Defend Your Rights if You Have Been Charged With a Felony DUI.

Our Felony DUI Attorneys Will Guide You Through the Process

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law in Idaho. A DUI is considered a serious charge that is typically considered a misdemeanor. However, there are instances where you can get charged with a felony DUI.

The lawyers at the Attorneys of Idaho will create a felony DUI defense in Boise. We understand the intricacies of the laws surrounding these types of charges in Idaho. Our excellent defense strategies ensure you get the best legal team to defend your rights.

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What Is a Felony DUI?

Felony DUIs are for individuals who are repeat offenders. There are a few instances where you get charged with a felony DUI:

  • 2nd DUI offense of BAC of .2% within five years of the first one
  • 3rd DUI offense
  • Aggravated DUI

You can get charged with felony DUI, even if it is your first one if your driving resulted in an accident that caused serious injury or bodily harm to another person.

How Can a Felony DUI Attorney in Boise Help?

Navigating a felony DUI case in Idaho can be complex. Some of the benefits of hiring a felony DUI lawyer from our firm include:

  • Valuable guidance and insights
  • Extensive knowledge of local and state laws and court procedures
  • Experienced representation in pleas, trials, appeals, and sentencing
  • Creative strategies for developing a defense

How Our Process Works

Step One: Request a Consultation

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Step Two: We Learn About Your Case

Our attorneys take the time to learn everything we can about your felony DUI case.

Step Three: We Will Fight for Your Rights

Your legal team will do everything we can to help you fight your felony DUI charges.

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say

“J.W. Bond is the very best. He's tenacious and worth every penny. When I had no hope, he played the long game with me in defending myself against some outrageous charges. I was convicted, he helped me appeal, and eventually had everything dismissed. For sure I will always call J.W. for any of my legal needs, and will recommend him to any one seeking legal advice. Thank you again! It was definitely a rollercoaster, but you helped me navigate it every step of the way. Could not have expected a better outcome. You did exactly as you promised you would.” Kevin, Boise

“I spoke with Mr. Black regarding a criminal issue. He was patient, professional and generous with his time. He was attentive to my concerns and kind, despite all of my annoying questions. He put my mind at ease and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone that needs this kind of help.” Adina, Boise

“Wonderful law firm! Ryan Black was fantastic, on the ball, and communicative! Needing a lawyer is never fun but this firm made the experience a good one!” Mikayla, Boise

How Much Does a Felony DUI Lawyer in Boise Cost?

Our felony DUI lawyers strive to keep our costs low for our clients. We will go over our retainer fees with you during your initial consultation. Our staff will provide you with a detailed quote, without any surprise costs.

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Attorneys of Idaho is proud to be a full-service law firm that helps the Boise community. We understand that being faced with felony DUI charges can be intimidating. Our team works tirelessly to provide you with the support and legal defense you need to ensure the best possible outcome.

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