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Understanding Non-Economic Damages in Idaho Personal Injury Claims

A Guide to Non-Economic Damages in Idaho

If you've been hurt in Idaho due to someone else's mistake, it's not just the medical bills or lost wages that impact you. The pain, emotional stress, and the ways the injury affects your everyday life matter too. These impacts, which aren't directly tied to a specific dollar amount, are called non-economic damages.

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What are Non-Economic Damages?

When you suffer an injury, some losses aren't easy to put a price on. Non-economic damages are those losses, and they include:

- Pain and suffering
- Emotional distress
- Changes to your daily life
- Missing out on activities you love
- Physical changes or scars
- Loss of companionship
- Impact on close relationships

Remember, these damages aim to recognize the personal impact of an injury on you or your family's life.

How Do We Determine the Value of Non-Economic Damages?

Placing a monetary value on emotions or personal experiences isn't straightforward. Instead of bills or receipts, you might describe your life before and after the injury, highlighting changes and challenges. Explaining the impact in terms of percentages or comparing daily activities can also help paint a clearer picture.

Why These Damages Matter

Medical bills or property damages don't capture the full story. Non-economic damages recognize the emotional, physical, and personal toll an injury takes on someone's life. They offer compensation for the less tangible but equally significant impacts of an injury.

Why You Might Want a Lawyer's Help

Navigating non-economic damages can be challenging because of their subjective nature. Having an expert by your side, like our team at Attorneys of Idaho, can help ensure your story is heard and valued appropriately.

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